About Us
Welcome to TaskBlazer.com!

We are the nation’s most innovative enterprise providing medical practitioners an ease of owning a practice through our product – the TaskBlazer App! The TaskBlazer is an essential part of the zYouSoft, and Software as a Service. zYouSoft owns and operates the complete rights to this application.

The Group – zYOUSOFT

zYouSoft is a leading developer company of unique mobile application; web-based systems and outstanding platforms; we are dedicated in MS platform technologies including Silverlight, WPF smart clients, ASP.NET (MVC, C#, VB) web applications and Windows Mobile. We also focus on providing mobile apps development services for various cellular platforms including Android, Windows, iPhone (iOS) and Blackberry. We design, develop and customize various web-based and mobile software applications to satisfy the need of our clients in a completely innovative manner.

Our Team
We ensure to achieve our objective through our teams with the most intelligent minds possible in the industry, and who are dedicated towards delivering the best and the fastest web-based and mobile solutions for our clients. We, as a team, comprehend the significance of living-up to your necessities; therefore, we provide with absolute stylish solutions that best fits to your infrastructure.

Our Objective
Medical and health care practitioners who own and operate their own offices have various tasks to be governed and managed such as patient’s care; employee’s accountability; practice productivity; and various routine activities that are being handled by the staff and employees. They also wish to get the work done how they have expected it to be done. Our objective is to help you as a medical professional to do all of these tasks without hassles and unwanted stress, and above all by minimizing any sort of interruptions to patient care.

Please contact us, if you wish to know more about our company, products and services. Thank you for visiting us!