Join a growing list of consultants who've found new sources of revenue for themselves and their clients

- All with less work and improved effectiveness -


Our ideal partners are...

Looking for new and innovative ways to inject their systems into the day-to-day operations of your client's practices

Looking for ways to prevent their doctors and their teams from slipping into old habits. We're talking about the dentist who gets excited for two weeks, regresses and then says you didn't do your job.

Are eager to earn more money for themselves and their clients. And to do so with as little work as possible.


Here's a sneak peak at the process

The majority of consultants and blooming dental groups know that success in dentistry is about having the proper systems in place and executing on these systems consistently.


We allow the dentist to hire for cultural fit (the kind of people they want to work with) and quickly train them to perform at the highest level.

By working with Taskblazer your systems are embedded in the practice. 
There are no questions of who does what when.
No questions of what metrics are important to track.
No taking time out of the dental-preneuers day to clarify things that have been rehashed 100 times.
Taskblazer puts the success of every employee in their own hands and in the view of the whole team.

Many of our partners are constantly looking for new ways to improve their clients and their own revenue streams. To make a lucrative income as automatic and dependable as possible. Taskblazer allows you to push out new products and new systems directly to those who are already benefiting from you.

You can track how each practice is performing in real time. Not just at the end of the month - when changes can be too late. You can empirically test new systems for the front and back office. You can then measure the results based on demographic served, geographic area, practice size, number of new, current or cancelled patients and more.

Automate your income as you automate your clients success


One more thing...

We are highly selective in choosing which dental consultants we work with, to get on the waiting list send us an email and we'll reach out.


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